Are you thinking about getting a custom zip line cable? You've probably noticed our cable kits and zip line kits all have one end that comes with a loop already on it. Now you can have a custom length of cable and we are happy to put a loop on one end for you. We call it a mechanical cable splice or swage for short. Essentially, this makes installation just a little bit easier because you can quickly connect the main zip line cable to one of your turnbuckles. The mechanical splice includes a thimble and a sleeve that we crimp together with a heavy-duty swaging machine.


  • Cable slings have two splices, but they usually don't include Thimbles
  • Zip Line Cable can have a splice on one end, but the second end will need to be looped by you at the time of installation
  • Guy wires can have a splice and they usually need to have a thimble, the second end will need to be looped by you upon installation (be sure to get another thimble for this end).

Don't forget your cable!

Note: For a custom zip line cable, match the gauge of the splice with the gauge of your raw cable. If you want a custom cable sling, match your gauges and select mechanical cable splice for a custom cable sling in the drop down menu.

If you're not sure about something, feel free to give us a shout on the phone (888-476-3701) or through a chat; we're happy to walk you through each step of the process, from picking the right gear to installation.