A Cable Sling is the ideal termination for use with just about any zip line anchor. Available in various sizes, these beauties help protect your trees from harm and provide stability for your zip line. We recommend using wooden blocks (not included) spaced underneath the cable to protect the cambium layer of the tree. Apply by looping around the tree once and attaching to the main zip line cable.

Length Chart

Tree Diameter     Sling Length
2 Feet                    8 Feet
2.5 Feet                    10 Feet
3 Feet                    12 Feet

Strength Chart

Sling Size     Basket Strength
1/4"                        14,000 lb.
5/16"                19,600 lb.
3/8"                        25,000 lb.

Match the size of the cable sling (1/4", 5/16" or 3/8") to the size of the main zip line cable. For trees larger than 3' in diameter please call us for a custom length cable sling.


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