Aren't sure what tools you need to install your zip line? The Basic Tool Kit has what you need to put your cable up and install the bungee brake too, plus it's handy enough to be adopted into your tool collection for any project around the house.


  • 2 Pairs of Safety Glasses
  • 2 Pairs of Gloves
  • 1/2" Combination Wrench
  • 3/8" Torque Wrench & Sockets
  • 1/2" Adjustable Wrench
  • 1/4" Drill Bit
  • Johnson Sight Level
  • 33' Measuring Tape
  • Caps for three sizes of cable 1/4", 5/16" & 3/8"
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Husky Tool Bag

This small tool bag includes numerous tools to assist you in the installation process of your new zip line. Designed for the Sleadd 150LX, Sleadd 250LX, or any zip line that is less than 150 feet. For longer zip lines, like a DIY Kit or Rogue Series Kit, grab the Tool Kit with the Tensioning Kit. The PRO TRAXION PULLEY system is for lines greater than 300 feet. It includes a bunch of extra rope, a special pulley system to help with installation of the cable, plus an extra cable grab and complete Tensioning Kit.

Additional Information

Want to return after a one-time install? After using the Tool Kits to install your zip line, send it back to us in working condition and we’ll give you a 100% refund. Guaranteed. The gloves and glasses are yours to keep.

Note: If you purchase this item, it will be delivered in working condition but not necessarily in new condition, but we will always include new gloves and glasses just for you.