Product Description

This handlebar set is the newest addition to Sleadd’s premium line of outdoor adventure gear. Complete with Sleadd’s soft no-slip handle grips and a sleek black carabiner to match, the upgrade is as much a fashion statement as it is a functional addition to your kids’ backyard adventure.

Connect the solid aluminum handlebar to your favorite trolley in style with the locking carabiner (included) rated at 4,945 lbs minimum breaking strength. Finally, connect the handlebar to your harness or seat with a matching Sleadd lanyard (select in the drop-down menu) before soaring off into the sunset!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect “back to school” gift for the kids, or you’re simply keeping your equipment up-to-date, there is no better gift to yourself than the peace of mind that your kids are riding on the latest genuine Sleadd equipment.


  • One (1) Handlebar with grips
  • One (1) Matte black oval locking carabiner
  • One (1) Allen Wrench for tightening and loosening lanyard bolt


  • Made in America
  • Compatible with most backyard zip line trolleys
  • Solid aluminum locking carabiner rated at 4,945 MBS
  • Solid aluminum handlebar rated at 5,000 MBS
  • Light-weight construction is ideal for riders of all ages
  • Soft handle no-slip grips

Optional Combinations

  • Handlebar with Carabiner
  • Handlebar with Carabiner & Sleadd Contego 18" Lanyard
  • Handlebar with a Carabiner & 6" extension


 SLEADD Handlebar

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