Speed and Performance at the Next Level

Zip into action with the stainless-steel Rogue Cable Trolley. Bring speed and performance to a new level with the smooth roll of machined awesomeness. Yes, you can have it all.

Due to the ease of use and removal, the Rogue Cable Trolley is ideal for both backyard zip lines and commercial zip lines. Just unclip any accessories and lift the trolley from the line to carry it back to the top of your zip line or on to the next zip line!

Features of the Rogue Cable Trolley

  • Speed - The Rogue Cable Trolley glides on double ball-bearing wheels, delivering a stunning 120 MPH speed rating.
  • Strength - Built entirely of stainless steel, the Rogue Cable Trolley boasts a 10,000lb MBS (Minimum Braking Strength).
  • Safety - The Rogue Cable Trolley accommodates an optional safety back-up carabiner (Omega Pacific Steel D Carabiner). 
  • Attachment Point - the tie in point on the Rogue Cable Trolley can accomodate up to 3 carabiner add-ons; such as a Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness, Cobra Zip Line Seat, or other zip line accessories.
  • Size - The Rogue Cable Trolley can accommodate any cable 1/2" or less in diameter.

The Rogue Cable Trolley will stand up to a lifetime of zip line rides and excitement.  Treat your family and friends to the zip line ride of their lives with the Rogue Cable Trolley!