Trang chủ/ROPE/ RED ROPE


So you want to put in a giant zip line, but you're concerned about what the starting platform height will be? Ease your mind; use a Petzl Shunt Ascender with this durable red climbing rope. Sure, it can be used for anything, but we like to think that this Red Rope is best used as a safety line when climbing up to your starting platform. Secure the top of your rope to your anchor somewhere above your platform, then attach the bottom of it to the bottom rung of your ladder or stake it to the ground. Connect the Ascender to the rope and you're all set to climb the steps. Let the adventure begin. Pricing is per foot.


  • 10.5 mm Diameter
  • Static (Does not stretch much in length under load)
  • Soft, round and durable construction
  • Strength rating 35kN
  • Suitable for a safety line

Note: Ascender not included.