This riding kit includes the Handmade Drifter wooden Seat, a 20' Bungee Brake Kit, and a 15' Tow Rope. Perfect for hopping on the seat, zipping down to the end and hopping off. Return to the start and let the next rider experience the thrill.



Handcrafted Drifter Zip Line Seat, measures 14" in diameter, includes 1" nylon rope that is 4.5' long. Looped on one end and ready to connect to any Trolley. Fusion Steel Locking Oval Carabiner, used to connect your Zip Line Seat rope to the trolley.
  20' Bungee Brake Kit designed to gently slow riders on zip lines that are up to 250 feet long.
  15' Multi-purpose line to attach to your trolley so you can easily walk the trolley back to the start.
  Weight limit up to 350 lbs


Designed to be combined with any zip line kit, but especially those like the Sleadd 150LX, the Sleadd 250LX or the Chetco Zip Line Kit.

We recommend using harnesses for zip line set-ups that are any considerable distance from the ground. See other Rider Kits here.

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