If you need a replacement or want to built a custom Bungee Brake, grab exactly the amount of Bungee Cord you need.


  • 1/2" Heavy-Duty Bungee
20 FT BUNGEE BRAKE KIT For zip lines up to 200 FT long.
30 FT BUNGEE BRAKE KIT For zip lines between 200-500 FT long.
DOUBLE 30 FT BUNGEE BRAKE SYSTEM Includes two lengths of bungee cord. Used for special situations where more braking force is needed.

Use the Bungee Cord with a Brake Block. Pre-cut lengths of Bungee come with each end knotted, which reduces the total length by 3 FT. Bungee Cord will stretch, but must never exceed 175% of original length.

For example:

  • 20 FT Bungee minus 3 FT = 17 FT X 1.75 =
  • 29.5 FT. 30 FT Bungee minus 3 FT = 27 FT X 1.75 = 47 FT.